Telephony for impaired people

Employees with disabilities face daily challenges while accessing the full range of opportunities available to others. Whether they are new or existing employees with permanent or temporary disabilities, it is challenging for organizations to offer every employee communication and collaboration solutions

For visually impaired people, the keypads and keyboards supplied with the Alcatel-Lucent Premium Deskphone product line have tactile markers.

For those who use hearing aids to address their impairment, the Comfort Handset, available as standard on high-end telephones, allows magnetic loop coupling.

The IP Desktop Softphone provides on PCs and MACs, all the functions and features of a 8068s Premium Deskphone telephone: Caller’s name, voice mail, mini messages and all the telephony features.

Thanks to Jaws Screen Reading Software, a Braille console can be associated with the IP Desktop Softphone, thereby enabling a blind user to access advanced telephony features.