Service Level Agreements (SLA)

An SLA establishes customer expectation with regard to the service provider’s performance and quality in a number of ways. Our SLAs revolve around response times. All issues have to be raised in a specific way.

So you guarantee to respond, but not to fix?

YES – This is because in the data / telecommunication world, problems can take longer to fix and most of the time are outside of our immediate control. Some issues can be fixed with a simple server reboot, some other require us to look at tenth of thousand of lines of logs, and open a ticket with the manufacturer in order to generate a fix. 


Complete system down: client is unable to operate.

Major component down: Some aspect of the system is working, but there is a major problem.

Core system is unaffected, but the issue is affecting normal operations.

The issue is an inconvenience or annoying, but there is a work around. 

This is a background issue or planned task and will be addressed when time permits or on the planned date.

PLEASE NOTE: the priority level will be determined by the engineer working on your issue. We have been in the business for over 20 years and we can generally make this determination accurately. If you think an issue warrants a different priority level, let us know. 

Basic SLA Business SLA Enterprise SLA
P1 3Hrs to respond 2Hrs to respond 1Hr to respond
P2 9Hrs to respond 6Hrs to respond 3Hr to respond
P3 16Hrs to respond 12Hrs to respond 8Hrs to respond
P4 5 Days to respond 5 Days to respond 5 Days to respond
After hours N N Y
Holidays / Week ends N N Y
24x7 Remote Monitoring N Y Y