Real Estate

As a real estate agency, you want to be able to reach your staff wherever they are during the day, but giving them privacy when they are off.

A real estate agent giving her/his office number is not always the best solution, well… because when they are out of the office, they are un-reachable. But giving their cell phone number might not be the best either, because you’re now mixing work and private life. 

HERMES42 has a solution specially tailored for Real Estate agencies:
– Every agent have their own business number
– An application is installed on the agent’s cell phone
– The application acts as a bridge between the agent professional number and his/her personal cell phone

At this point, anytime someone calls or texts the agent professional number, the application relays it to the phone. If the agent answers, calls back, or texts back, the recipient will see the agent professional number and not their personal cell phone number. 

With this application, the agent private’s life is kept separated. When the agent is off, they can have any incoming call or text go to someone else. 

On the top of that, if someone contacts you on your website, any staff member of your choice can receive a text message directly on their phone, and start chatting with the potential buyer (or seller). 

No more missed opportunities, and no more frustrated client who said they could not reach anyone at the agency!