Our company history

In 2007, Frank was doing an Alcatel-Lucent installation for a large Manhattan college. Ambi, who was a student at the time and working for the college IT Team showed interest in the telecom system and started shadowing Frank.

At the conclusion of this project, Frank handed it over to Ambi to maintain. The deal was “If you still like it in one year, I’ll come back and hire you”.

The following year, Frank hired Ambi… And Alcatel-Lucent hired Frank to lead the new Voice Technical Expert Center in North America. The two friends lost contact.

12 years later Covid hit affecting the work force. Frank posted to LinkedIn, and Ambi reached out. He has opened his own company as an Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner, and needed help. The roles had reversed 🙂

After a year and a half of working together, the two agreed to open a new company where both would be owners.

We went with a name unrelated to technology:
HERMES42 was born.
HERMES, from the Greek God of messengers which fits well nowadays in a world of telecommunications.
42 because of its history between computer geeks and programmers. Any science or math fan know “A Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” and will understand 🙂

Telecommunication is what we do best, ranging from simple office spaces to very complicated systems with tens of thousands of users, using all the bells and whistles in between (cell phone, voice badges ,call centers, databases, 911 alerts, etc…)

We also help businesses with their IT infrastructure regardless if it’s in a local data center, or in a cloud data center.

We take certifications very seriously. We train constantly. If we don’t know something, we will learn it until we master it. 

We constantly look at new technologies.
We use a wide range of linux open sources.

We do not just install and leave:
We ALWAYS customize our installations to best fit each customer need.
We make sure it fits exactly as if it was made only for your company.

We are different, and we hope you are going to love working with us!