Those are our core values and we will fulfill on these promises both internally with each other and externally with you. Ultimately, it will be for you to decide if we achieve this.

Have we gone mad?
No! We just got fed up of walking on eggshells, trying to find a nice friendly strapline which brought to life the values of our business when really all we wanted to say is “We are a NO BS company”.

What does it mean to us?
We are blunt, straightforward and deliver what we promise. It is almost becoming a cliché for companies to claim to be ethical, clean and honest. A few achieve this, for most, it is an inspiration they struggle to meet. It really does matter to us.

We might be a new company, but as engineers, we have over 20 years of history being ethical in the industry and we have always provided innovative, high-quality technology, services and solutions.

No false promises to our direct customers. Most importantly, you: our customers, directly told us that we “know our $h!t” – Literally using those words! –

It is a big claim to make, and it sets the bar pretty high for how we should behave. It certainly made our whole business sit up and think about how to fully deliver on it.

Our core values and promises to you:
– We are honest about what we do and will be straight forward in how we deal with you.
– We will not exaggerate or over complicate things.
– We will give you what we promise you.
– If we make mistakes, we will apologize and fix it.
– If we are ever hypocritical, we will hold our hands up and clean up.
– We will listen to you and be honest in our reply, even if it means you will not always like what we say.
– We expect you to treat us the same way: A relationship of mutual respect.