Medium / Large Enterprise

A good network is the foundation pillar of any enterprise. Not only for your own sake, but also for your customers sake if you have heavy web traffic.

From the low thousands to the couple of hundred thousands users, our partner Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has all the data and voice gear you will need for local and remote workers. 

If you are a network geek, you will understand the importance of Wifi-5 (801.11ac) and Wifi-6 (802.11ax) running on Stellar access points, and managed by a central controller. With easy to manage switches, ruggedized or not, you will be able to meet speeds up to 40GigE. 

LBS (Location Based Service) can help your guest navigate through your facilities, send emergency notifications to personnel within a geographical zone, and much more. 

How good is a data network without security? Look no further: the OmniVista Network Management complements your installation, by insuring deep throughout monitoring of your network. 

The OmniPCX Enterprise is the telecommunication success for medium, large, and very large companies. It include all the bells and whistles you would need, from the good old analog phones, to the very new “Internet” phones (SIP, Wifi, …) With its high redundancy, it will protect you from any data failure if you split the heart of the system in multiple locations.